About Us

Board of Directors

Wendy Hinden, Founder and President of American Pennies for Hunger.  In  the fall of 2007 she became aware of two facts: 1) people generally  do not value individual pennies, and in fact, some people actually  throw them out  2) millions of people struggle with hunger in the US. She saw great potential if  she could get people to donate their change so she could give 100% of the money collected to feed food insecure people. She believes that eating should be a basic right for all people and not a privilege. Her vision became a  reality and consequently $10,000 was raised in 2008, 100% of which went to alleviate local hunger. 

Wendy is a part owner of a family  business. She lives in Provincetown with her wife Kathryn & is the mother of 4 wonderful daughters, one of whom serves on the Board of Directors.  She is so grateful for the amount of support she has received over the years from her Board of Directors and to all of the compassionate donors who  have helped her to realize her vision.  

Marcia Baum  is on the Board of Directors and is the Vice President. Marcia is a  psychotherapist in private practice in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Her social work background has made her sensitive to the plight of the disadvantaged in this country. She  finds her involvement in American Pennies for Hunger to be a very  satisfying way for her to contribute her energy to help others in need. Her  work with American Pennies for Hunger's volunteers and donors has shown  her that the accumulation of small individual efforts can bring a lot  of good to the world.

Jessie Geller is on the Board of Directors and is the Treasurer of American Pennies for Hunger. Jessie  is a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Trinity Partners LLC. Before  receiving her master's degree at Emmanuel College, she attended the  University of Vermont where she received a bachelor's degree in  business. While  studying at the University of Vermont, she volunteered at a homeless  shelter and was astonished at the amount of hungry people there were  living in Vermont. Four  years later when her mother, Wendy Hinden, had the idea to start  American Pennies for Hunger, Jessie knew that she needed to pitch in and  help. She  feels blessed to be a part of this grassroots organization and looks  forward to many successful years with American Pennies for Hunger.

Ben Baum serves on on the Board of Directors and is Secretary. He is an attorney who works in higher education. Through  American Pennies for Hunger it is his hope that he will be able to help  the hungry in Massachusetts and make a difference in local communities.

Pauline Serkey, nee Yoder, is on the Board of Directors. In  her work as a psychotherapist, she hears all about people’s troubles,  including common concerns over how to pay bills and still feed their  families. Pauline was born and raised in western  Pennsylvania in the 1950s and her family’s food source came from a  garden and local farms. She understood that their food came from hard work and knew that others were not so lucky. Her grandfather always inspired her with his spirit of compassion. Now  that she works with American Pennies for Hunger she is able to help  others in need and keep her grandfather’s voice alive in her heart.

Lauri Reid is our newest board member as of this year, 2018. However, she is not new to our organization.  Until her recent retirement, she has been an elementary school teacher for the Town of Plymouth, MA.  She held the first penny drive on behalf of APFH in 2013 and continued to raise hundreds of dollars over the past five years.  Now that she has a "bit" more time on her hands, we are fortunate that she graciously accepted a position on our  board of directors.